Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome To My Blog!

celina mancurti-table and kitchen linensI am an Argentine textile designer living in Tampa, Florida. My roots and culture from my lovely Buenos Aires have made an imprint on my designs and style, and — of course — my life. How I work and what I do is just an extension of who I am.

After working in the textile industry for more than 10 years, I decided to explore my passion for textures and start my own company. Today I cannot picture myself doing anything different. I am devoted to preserving the handicraft that has long been the hallmark of textile making.

We are a 100% linen brand so proud to say that all the products are design and manufactured by hand here at the studio in Tampa, Florida. It is not the easiest and most economic way to do it but I truly believe that is what make my linens different! My linens celebrate the beauty of simplicity, unexpected accents, romantic style, and the joys of lovely, modern housewares.

I treasure my distinctive linens for the satisfaction I get from working with my hands! I love those mornings when I head to my studio, turn on the music, put on my old apron and start preparing the table to cut or print fabrics.

Please enjoy my blog, and keep an eye on what’s new at celinamancurti.com. My hope is that you will love my collection as much as I adore creating it for you!

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