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The new collection is all about my passion for preserving the handcrafted work that had long been the hallmark of textile making. I'm so happy to introduccion the new block printed linens and a limited edition of pillows made with a unique handwoven "manta" that I brought from my trip to the North of Argentina last summer



These gorgeous linens gets their one-of-a-kind pattern from an old printed technique called block print. We printed them with a wood block at our studio in Tampa, Florida!

New Linens


This is the perfect light-weight bucket hat for sunny spring and summer days! It is available in many colors and 2 sizes, SMALL and MEDIUM.

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A collection of pillows made with a piece of vintage Aguayo from Argentina. The Aguayo is hand woven in the Andes using wool of llama or alpaca and dyed with natural vibrant colors.

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