The Imperfect Plates- HandMade

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It is their imperfect beauty that makes each plate unique, perfect!

Intimacy is served. Handcrafted one-by-one, these exquisite plates reflect the essence of artistic expression. With an organic shape and irregular edge no two will be exactly the same. They will be art for your table!

The plates are made in Tampa with soft ivory glazed finish during a three-week process. The crowning touch is an 18-carat gold line carefully hand-painted along the uneven edge.

The larger is sized for tapas, appetizers, salads or desserts. Use the small plate to serve a variety of pleasures, from sauces to chocolates to lemon slices and tea.

SMALL- 3 inches
LARGE- 7 inches

Quantities are limited. First lot will be available April 15, 2017. Each piece is made by hand so size and shape may vary slightly from what is pictured and described.

Hand wash only